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How much do we really undrestand?

on July 11, 2011

Pertama lets begin with this words

“if u think you understand everything that is goin on,u r hopelessly confused” -walter mondale

Kalo aku bilang, science doesn’t actually explain anything much at all. Kenapa? Science describe what puts label on things. Bisa saja sebenernya aku dibohongi into thinkin that i actually know what is happening on this planet. misalnya ya, we have names like “instict”,”gravity” which menjelaskan fenomena,tapi the bottom line is that we dont understand this things. Seperti yang Einstein bilang “the more i know, the more i realize i dont know” hehehe…what r u guys thinkin?

Kita menghabiskan whole life working with prinsip prinsip dan fenomena yang sebenernya, ya..well let say we haven’t understood! Jadi ingat kemarin waktu aku jatuh n sikut ku agak bruise, apakah luka di sikut ku ini heal any faster if u “know” all tentang histologi n hemoglobin?NO!

The fact is that all these thigs work for us and have done since we came into this world as lovely,lil accepting bundles of joy.isn’t it wonderful?

Buat aku,being rational and logical doesn’t help us understand any more.Well,on the surface it may appear work,tapi at a much deeper level,a person runs Out of intelellectual explanation!

We cant even hope to begin to understand all the things which are happening around us and Within us.we cant explain it all in logical terms (most ppl happily agree with me on this point) 😀

Terakhir ya, if u decide that u want to understand everything before you use it, u could be waiting a long time-even for your next meal! Our mind is a miracle.

Cherio .
humans need to make room for illogical things..karena..yaa, "science does not, can not and will not explain everything"


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