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on July 19, 2011

assalamualaikum 🙂

today,somehow i miss my friends.all of em.and wondering what r they doin now?are they doin fine?

ourdaily activity yang menyita waktu seringnya bikin kita jadi kurang memperhatikan sekitar dan tend to membuat kita jadi sedikit selfish.misalnya,aku sendiri pas lagi ribet ribet di kampus,ada text masuk from one of my bestiest waktu senior high.aku baca sebentar dan g langsung aku rep karena in d middle of smthng,dan akhirnya ya lupa balas sampai besok,besok dan besoknya lagi.Thants baD!jangan ditiru.

time it doesn’t move,its go no where,no places.past,present,future, everythings happening in time.

A True Friend Is…
someone who knows when you are upset.
someone who won’t let you get away without talking about it.
someone who you can call up at 10:30 at night no matter how small your problem.(hehehehe)
someone who can just let you be when you need time alone.
someone who always has a shoulder for you to cry on if need be.
someone who if you do cry on their shoulder won’t go and tell the world.
someone who puts your happiness equal to theirs and not less than theirs.

me?now? akan berusaha memberi kabar duluan.just make sure they are all doin okay.


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