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toDAy, noW

on July 21, 2011

fyuuhh…finally i write aGain.after waitng 4 the inspiration..

well talk about TodaY.
” a tree As big around as u can reacH starts with a small Seed: a thousanD mile journey starts wiTh one Small step”

belakangan ini aku lagi suka sama lao Tse. kalo diliat  Mirip kata katanya amstrong yang ‘katanya’ adalah first man on the moon..

Whatever u will be expiercing in your Next ten or twenty years woulD be influeNced By what u do today.

orang kita bilang,apa yang kamu tanam itu yang dituai..
fRiends, family, JOb, or,yang masih kuliah,, _ all these things r being sHped by what u choose to do.
life is a building Process..what u do today affect what u Will have tomorrow.
life doesnt happend in twenty four HOur.
yaa,,buat yang sampe hari Ini “happines” kita belum kesampaian,,mungkin effort nya kurang. todays effort creates tomorrow result.
i believe dat.oia, jangan lupa 2 WRITE DOWN your goAl..pentinG! contohnya aku..>selesaikan skripsi 😀 ♥ kerja, S2.short term nya..makan eskrim sore ini.oia ketinggalan,belajar masak :D. kemaren aku bis masak masak ma bebey.heheheh steak yang ternyata enak 😀 ini diaaaa.hohoooo♥ lets do this more often. sum Up : All u have is NOw!do somethiNg, anYthing, Get invoLved



One response to “toDAy, noW

  1. bebek says:

    I will plant Time ! 😀

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