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Tentang Hijab

on September 9, 2011

assalamualaikum ♥

hav a blessed idul fitri everyone..semoga bisa bertemu lagi di ramadhan dan idul fitri next year ♥

well now, im gonna talk bout hijab,jilbab,veil etc. Nowdays,hijabers sudah semakin banyak apalagi dengan bnayaknya komunitas hiijabers yang ada di indonesia..jakarta,bandung,palembang,jogja,malaaang 😀

they r all pretty,fashionable,and syarii ♥

Fashion is fun to follow too, i get it, but it’s making us lose focus.

boleh setuju atau tidak but its my opinion 🙂 ,

for example, waktu ON line..buru buru click  lookbook to know what’s the latest trends. we get inspired, we hurriedly head on shopping di mall. then we spend money. sometimes kita distract.its not all bout what u wear..girls.yang penting gak luypa yang utama..tugas sebagai muslim.dont forgert to sholat,puasa anythings based on perintah Allah

bukan berarti aku (SD ♥) orang yang sangat still learning.

fashion becomes an obsession. modelling becomes a passion.
beautification becomes a necessity.

banyak temen temen hijabers yaaaang sangaat cantik dan doin on photoshoot,rasa bangga dan sampai upload dimana mana  (blog, tumblr, facebook, twitter, etc) expecting people to tell you how good you’re looking. parallel to that, jadi ria, and ria is salah satu attributes yang Allah SWT larang

*slaps myself real hard*

what will happen kalo the younger generations who wears the hijab terjebak dengan  with all this craze and influenced by it, thinking that looking good,

being fashionable and photoshoots are more important than learning/improving? how about when they start to crave for fame?

i worry that they will spend more energy on being beautiful and getting noticed, hence become more materialistic and self-obsessed than they should be, forgetting the fact that whatever were given naturally, are blessings from Allah SWT.

then what’s the reason of wearing the hijab? what happened to ‘modesty’?

cantik, boleh.  fashionable, boleh. mau apapun , boleh.
tapi dalam Islam, it’s best to keep everything in moderation.

i apologise deeply if ever i made you think that hijab is a fashion statement..but its religious statement,GIRLS


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