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on November 24, 2011


a while ago, isee a group of girls comparing themselves with random people.
“cantik nya si……untung bgt ya si……etc

“untunglah dia kaya”

“untunglah ni.. untunglah tu..”

– these are only examples 😀

so back then when i saw these kinds of comments, it’s like.. men-downkan
sebab we shouldn’t compare.

rezeki orang itu udah masing masing.udah diatur(bukan berarti kita g berusaha lho ya..)

so what if we don’t have their rezeki. we’re all blessed anyway!!
we can read right?
we can see right?
kita masih bisa makan,merasakan makanan enak,asin ,pahit,minum,ngobrol, we can do so many things!
whereas there are people who are less fortunate than us. some can’t see, some can’t hear, some don’t even know what internet is!

we are blessed.
we are fortunate enough.

it’s time to stop comparing and complaining.

anyway, when you compare, chances are; you’ll become competitive for no good reason,kamu akan ;upa dengan rejeki yang telah dimiliki amsing masing. you’ll become spoil in your own world, wanting and craving for something only you know, and because you can’t get it, you’ll get depressed.


when you complain, you’re just wasting your time! lagi lagi when you complain and do nothing about it.
you can compare and complain, but there has to be a limit..

and we can’t wish we’re someone else or live someone else’s life because it’s not possible.

Allah sw udah memberi kitakehidupan, the life we’re living, and is it ‘nice’ of us if we wished we can have another person’s life?

be grateful. that’s all it takes.
not confidence, not arrogance, not make up, not clothes.
nothing of the sort.

just be grateful.
just say…alhamdulillah’♥

im grateful karena si mpus udah gedeeeee..heheheee…biarpun bulu di perutnya kruwel kruwel:S


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